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Lucy Saxon
12 October
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Little Secrets

"Lucy is the youngest child of Lord Cole of Tarminster, who sat in the House of Lords prior to the reforms. She attended Roedean School, representing Sussex at netball, before going on to study Italian and Business at St Andrews. Since graduating she has worked for several charities and most recently in publishing. She met Harold Saxon whilst working on his autobiography, and she soon added a new and very significant chapter to his life when they married."

Being an only child, and a very spoiled one at that, Lucy is of a certain nature. That nature being rather self centred and arrogant, and essentially a bit of a bitch, though you'd never say it to her face. She presents an image of being completely untouchable, something which she developed during her time at boarding school, out of necessity. Although she recieved money and gifts, she never got the one thing which really mattered from her parents, thier real care and love.

What really makes Lucy Saxon tick is essentially being wanted. The lack of this in her childhood, made her crave it as she was growing up. She collects people, friends, lovers, and gets rid of them when they don't interest her, disposing of them quickly.

Hidden much deeper underneath her privileged and lady like persona, Lucy is truly a little bit of a socio path. She loves pain, and she loves being in control, mainly because these are two things she craves.

Character Studies

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